Bonjour / Hello / Kwe

Felix is a freelance character modeler based in Montréal.

After six years at Framestore Montreal, he now works on a wide variety of projects and has
met amazing people with their own views and workflows. He approaches each project as
an opportunity to learn and share knowledge.

He also collaborates with Eddy Loukil, a Senior 3D Artist / Concept Designer and a Filmmaker.
They are available as a team. Their primary interest is in growing as artists and are open
to many types of collaborations and arrangements.

You can contact Felix here:



Method Studio
Raynault FX
Squeeze Studio
Reservoir Creative
Digital Dimension / Meduzarts
Vox Populi Studios
Scavenger Studios
Studio Gimbal
Kevin's Got a Gun
Chivi Chivi
Rigbox Studio